MACHINE Monitor and Control Select and monitor multiple machines. Pause or stop the machine remotely. See real-time feedrate, pressure, and job details.
Get instant notifications of system’s status.  Stay ahead of the game with instant alarms.  Track every cut, every detail.
PUMP Watch live status Monitor pump activity. Watch the live status of stroke rates, temperatures, air, inlet water and high pressure. 
Watch the live status of low/high pressure lines, oil circuit system, and orifice.
Stay proactive with consumable items logs and maintenance schedules.
Receive instant alarms to keep you in control.
CAMERA & More Beyond Cutting View machine position on the nest. Utilize cameras to visualize your cutting table. Monitor environmental efficiency through water/power consumption. Browse user manuals customized for your specific system. Calculate job costs effortlessly, access cutting logs, and find support if you need it. And More…
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